About Us

GivenBase Logo


GivenBase was founded in September 2016 by Given Hirschau. Partly the name of the platform is derived from his name, but partly it also comes from English: Given also means 'given' and Base stands for the basic, from where you can go in all directions. The goal of this platform is therefore to link services and products as much as possible with each other, in order to create a horizontal network. This creates a fixed base, a place where all services are offered in one go. You no longer have to search for the different products and services you need: With GivenBase you get everything together, in a professional manner. At GivenBase we guarantee you services of the highest quality, for a competitive price. Up-to-date and innovative; With GivenBase you always have the latest of the latest. We all realize this through the close connection and cooperation between companies and services. Our motto is therefore: it's all connected. GivenBase is based in Amsterdam, but also works in areas such as Utrecht, Almere, Zaandam and Wormerveer. Take a look at the website to see what services we can all offer you, and connect!


GivenBase Hosting


Domain name or storage space required for your website? GivenBase Hosting ensures that you are always online, for a competitive rate. From domain registration to fast and powerful SSD hosting for all your data storage, we support and guide you during the entire process of setting up your server. With this we take care of you: you tell us exactly what you want, and GivenBase Hosting will work to arrange everything from A to Z for you. Always online, for the worldwide distribution of your products.

GivenBase Development


A new website or application for your company or as a private person? GivenBase Hosting guides and supports you from A to Z during this process. For only 370 euros we already build a professional website, which fully matches your house style. You consider what you want, and we arrange it. And that within only four weeks! This allows you to distribute your products and services quickly and easily all over the world. In addition to building websites, GivenBase Development can also maintain your website for you at an attractive price.


GivenBase IT-Service


Lost data, a slow or stuck PC, or problems with the internet? In order to work properly, it is important that your laptop or desktop runs perfectly. The GivenBase IT service therefore ensures that every problem you encounter with your computer will be solved. A fast, professional service for a low rate will ensure that all your problems are resolved and that you can continue quickly.


GivenBase Media


GivenBase Media provides professional posters, flyers and logos in your corporate identity, that help you to promote campaigns or spread your name recognition. However, this is not all. With GivenBase Media you can also go for a photo shoot, for business as well as for children and families or for models, You can use our service for video recordings and editing, for example for your wedding photography or for a commercial video for your company, for music, and much more. We continue to develop in order to offer more and more services, so that you can get all the required media out of one platform.